Our flagship bot, Cogbot

Be the first to find the next gem! Get alerts on token markets as they are listed. Cogbot will automatically send users new market details, including sniping, trading, chart options, and other DeFi performance tools. Cogbot identifies potential market as they open and analyze against honeypot scams.

Cogbot revolutionises the trading landscape by seamlessly integrating lightning-fast trade options for tokens. Our cutting-edge technology surpasses the speed of uniswap, ensuring swift and efficient transactions. But that's not all - we go above and beyond to enhance the user trading experience and decision-making process. With features like sniper trades, token tracker, wallet tracker, token analyzer, and multi charting tools, we empower our users to make informed and strategic trading decisions. At Cogbot, we are committed to delivering unparalleled excellence in the world of token trading.

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Tokenomics & revenue

CogniAi and our flagship product are enabled by COGBOT token, a central role blockchain token based on Ethereum. COGBOT tokens are utilised for both product utility and community revenue. CogniAI project development receives 5% of transaction fees (2% and 3% for purchase and sell, respectively), 40% of transaction fees are automatically reinvested into liquidity, 30% is allocated to market making, and 30% is allocated to team development.

Join our community for weekly campaigns and incentives that await you. As we embark on our journey to expand the reach of Cogni AI, we invite you to be an integral part of our success.